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Gŏd′ĭs Prayer

May I accept your will today.
May I have faith that it is for my highest good.
May I hope every moment of the day for your love, guidance, and protection.
May I be honest with the stirrings in my heart and the fears in my mind.
May I remember that you are there, may I remember that you love me.
May I remember to forgive those who are sick and blind as you forgive me for not recognizing you in them.
May I remember you before my birth, may I remember you after my death.
May I remember you today!

Mariamne & Yeshua, A Love Poem.

m&yAs his lips touched mine energy exploded in my veins were electrified.
His kisses danced all the way to the tips of my fingers from my toes.
Beauty like hers could only be painted into existence by the most High.
I do not want water erasing his scent from my body,
The fragrance seeping out of my vulva encases, every moment of orgasmic ecstasy tonight.
Beauty vibrates out of every pore of her body.
And it claims me her groom in the nights.
He shoots the universe inside of me, makes me feel eternal tonight.
My eyes look for her in every woman’s eyes, in every woman’s smile.
My lover exists only for me , I was born for him.
Nor sickness, nor death will tear us apart
Come Yeshua come in me.
My bride’s beauty blinds like the sun
Like the moon at night it is my guiding light.
Come into my garden, my love
Come and smell my fragrance that embottles our nights of love.
Like a bee to a flower, like a bird in its nest
You are the One the gods created for me
The one time stole from me.
I come willingly my beloved, I come back home.
My lover and I bonded together
For as long as eternity exists.
I breath you in
The musk between your thighs calls me
Screams my name.
I hear your voice in my sleep
My lover fills me inside, I tremble on the outside.
He kisses me deeply.
Her aroma engulfs me tonight.
We both travel on comets to the center of our beings.
Such passion creates fountains in our eyes
Down our cheeks
Hold me tight my lord if only until tonight
Let tonight never end,
Let morning never come
I surrender my soul to you…
Who I am
Can only love
Who you are
I am the rebel that cannot be silenced
You are the women that won’t be denied.
Together we’ve created a new dream
I am the son of Jehovah
You are the daughter of Isis
Together we climb towards Pistis Sophia…
Tell me you whom my soul loves where are you tonight.
I see the moon smiling does she know where you are hiding.
Is pain blinding me to your being.
I close my eyes
See visions of you.
I open my eyes
I am lost without you.
So many reasons to stay
So many fears to let go
He is the light in my shadow,
I am his shadow at sunrise
I was able to overcome fears
By the tenderness of his love.
He asks, “Why do you love me…”
“You are my life!”
Is all I can say
You stole my heart and made it yours
Before you everything was sadness and rain
Now here I am alive filled with miracles and no longer pain
Within, we learned what love was.
I love him even though I know
I am going to lose him
My face is all wet, the oceans have poured forth out of my eyes
The wind took our words and carried them far
I hear their echo at night
Echoes that scream of a passionate night
When he made love to me for the last time
No part of my body left unkissed
Anointing every cell with the milk inside of him
What how where will I exist when he is gone
For I am no longer me but Him.
He is my life and I have become his.
I dry your feet with my hair, you dry my tears with your love
I decide to live, you say you must die
We both live
I am afraid of what must be
You are determined there is no other way
I accept the way crying
You question your way smiling
We both live
I sin
You save,
I question
you answer
You depart a father
I remain a mother
We both live
I loved you
Even before I knew you
You loved me
Even before you saw me
We both loved
We both lived.
I look to find a way
To change destiny
Not have to die for the sins of men
I look to find a way to let him see
To let him live
To bear and see
The fruit of our love
We live in each other’s dreams
We live each other’s life
Her tears flowed
And filled the rivers
And oceans of earth
His blood spilled
Nourished the souls
Tormented on earth
Her love cursed her to a life of prostitution, secrecy and lies
His life cursed him to a life not lived, secrecy and lies
His, Hers was the pain
His, Hers were the words
His, Hers lived on earth.

Sisters of the Dream Time! Mondays @ 8pm

What’s Behind Our Resistance to Lead.

New Spirituality Podcasts with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The New Earth and Golden Age needs new leaders. Many women are feeling the call or tug to step into new roles in our communities. The Sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yohanny, Yavonne, Robin and our newest Sister, Taylor, discuss the recent changes and shifts in their lives and how it all seems to be pointing to our “stepping out” or perhaps “stepping in” to lead in whatever ways we can. With full awareness that “leadership” in this new paradigm will not come from politicians, higher ups and muckity mucks, but from the grassroots, the choice to lead becomes a choice every single human can make. What does it mean to be a leader in our changing world and paradigm? Why do we hesitate when we know so much is at stake? What is at the root of our resistance? The Sisters dig deep for their own answers.

Sisters of the Dream Time! Mondays @ 8pm

Remembering and Developing our ‘psychic gifts’!

New Spirituality Podcasts with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The Sisters, Patti, Yohanny, Anoki, Yavonne and Robin are joined by a special guest, Jana Krause, a metaphysical teacher who focuses on helping people develop their psychic gifts. The Sisters will have a lively discussion about this natural human birthright and how it has been distorted, suppressed and misunderstood throughout history. Jana will share some of the techniques she teaches for ‘unlocking’ ones natural psychic gifts.

Sisters of the Dream Time!

Can We Take The Heat For Walking Our Talk?

New Spirituality Podcasts with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

Patti’s air conditioner breaks down days after summer begins and it inspires the question: Can we take the heat for the reality we are creating? For walking our talk? For stepping away from the ‘matrix’ and creating our own path? For looking odd or crazy to others? For making decisions based on intuition and heart which appear to bear no logic? For living an authentic life which may make no sense to the people closest to us? There are countless stories about those who ‘braved the fire’ and were purified and strengthened by it in the end. There are those who “walk on coals” to demonstrate the power of their beliefs and manifestations. As we move to the end of Mercury Retrograde, the Sisters take a look at the hot stones we have walked upon in the last month, put our feet in some cool water and ponder how well we are navigating. So, pour yourself a glass of lemonade or iced tea and join the conversation.

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The sisters (Patti, Yavonne, Yohanny and Anoki) discuss their recent experiences with time. Is it “speeding up?” “Slowing Down”? Wobbling? Is time just a construct of the systems we live in? Does time as we know it exist in other parts of our universe? What is time, really? Has our understanding of time – our calendars and clocks and schedules – become a hindrance to our consciousness expansion? Is it possible that humanity must evolve beyond our current understanding of time in order to evolve at all?

Letting The Magic Flow!

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The Dreamtime Sisters have all had a magical week, though the magic has flowed and looked differently for everyone. Yohanny has had some interesting “visitors”, visions and messages. Yavonne has had a week of magical synchronicities and Patti experiences an almost continuous flow of magical moments. And if Anoki gets back from her magical mystery tour in time, she’ll tell us all about it. Feeling the magic in your life? How do we cultivate and allow magic? What exactly is it, anyway? The sisters have a great time sharing their magical experiences and what they have learned from them.

Sisters of the Dream Time!

Me and My Shadow!

Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

As we move into Mercury Retrograde (June 7 – July 1) – a time for reflection and contemplating those aspcts of our lives which often hide in shadows – the sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yavonne and Yohanny (with call in guests) take on the topic of their “shadow selves”. Often “lightworkers” avoid, minimize, deny or repress their shadow side, those aspects of our beings which are darker, or of lower vibration. Sometimes our shadow side looks like jealousy, possessiveness, anger, judgement, manipulation, competition, or self destructive behavior. Many think they must “purge” these aspects of themselves to become more enlightened. But how can our “light’ shine without shadow? Is this simply the perfection of our design that we embody both light and dark aspects? That we have been created with perfect contrasting elements? The sisters have a candid conversation about their process of acceptance to gratitude for their shadow side.

What’s Fun Got to Do With It?

Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

Yohanny goes on a 21 Day Fun Quest and the other sisters ponder the importance of fun for those who desire to expand their consciousness, raise their vibration, or generally live a more spiritual life. Why do we think living more spiritual lives means that our lives must resemble those of monks? How important is laughter? Love making? Music? Dance? The sisters have a candid and fun conversation about the role of fun!

Running Interference! Hut 1! Hut 2! Hut 3!

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The Dreamtime Sisters discuss how they navigate “interference energies”. Often, when people gather to do powerful spiritual work, they can experience Unexpected challenges or events which pull their focus and energy elsewhere, “drama”, attacks on their character, even disruption in close or intimate relationships. This is often referred to as “interference energy”. How do you recognize it? How do you maintain focus? How do you neutralize the interference? Find out how the “Sisters” have been navigating their own in this show.

By The Light of The Scorpio Moon

New Spirituality Podcasts with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The girls (Patti, Yohanny, Anoki, Yavonne, Felicia, Angela and Bridget) discuss what has “come to light” on a personal, social and geo-political level under the influence of the Scorpio full moon!

Sisters of the Dream Time!

Finding Center in the Whirlwinds of Change!

Current Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

Hosts Patti Lucia, Yohanny Garcia, Felicia Rose, Angela Ahmadi, Anoki Simpson, Yavonne T. and Bridget Van Otteran talk about navigating the whirlwinds and tornadoes of change in April (with the Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse and solar eclipse energies swirling!), listening to spirit and reading signs, synchronicities and coincidences along the way.

Patti Lucia is the owner and cook at Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe. motherearthsanctuarycafe.com

Felicia Rose is a musician and mystic. Feliciarose.com

Angela Ahmadi is a massage therapist and healer. ahmadiholisics.com

Yavonne T is a holistic practitioner, gardener and herbalist. yavonne@thegoodworm.com

Anoki Simpson is a shamanic practitioner. http://iwasneverfoundagain@gmail.com

Yohanny Garcia is an artist, poet and teacher. http://www.yohanny.com/

Bridget Van Otteran is an Indigo and plays in a band. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Water-Colors/243358935823869

I Surrender My Fear To The Butterfly

I surrender my fear to the butterfly
Letting the shadow that follows me
Dissolve within the light emerging out of the cocoon
Fear does not know beauty
Nor sees with the eyes of my Creator
Fear is stagnant water deaf to the rhythm of the moon
Fear does not smell the scent of love
Blooming inside the rose
Calling the butterfly’s name
Enticing her to come
Fear needs to touch the wounds to believe
And tastes only the carcasses of yesterday
I surrender my fear to the kiss of the butterfly
And let love guide me to the light.

Scientific evidence for intuition!

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We all know that millions of people are experiencing extra stress. Much outgoing care and compassion is needed to help ease the emotional pain that so many are increasingly experiencing. Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath, a leading stress research institute, has written a free booklet De-Stress Kit for the Changing Times that provides a few simple practices to help people intercept and manage stress during this period of challenge and uncertainty.

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Eye of Horus based on the Pineal Gland!

human-brain-pineal-eye-of-horusThe ancient Egyptians recognized the Pineal Gland as a “door to consciousness’, and seem to have based the Eye of Horus symbol around it.

Sri Yantra Meditation

Sri Yantra
Connect with your superhuman self using this ancient 12,000-year-old symbol as a roadmap. It’s designed to stimulate your pineal gland, which is known to some cultures as the ‘seat of your soul’, and the ‘gateway to the universe’.

Labyrinth Walk

A labyrinth walk is a powerful meditation tool. It is a moving meditation and I find that I don’t have to worry about the monkey mind at all. Insights are easily accessible and the stillness is deep. As I enter the labyrinth I go within, every step taking me deeper and deeper into myself. In the center I embrace the deepest part of me in total oneness with AllThereIs and then I begin the journey outwards again recharged and in perfect alignment with who I am. As I return to the place from where I started I hear the guidance clearly and rejoice in who I’ve become through the journey of the labyrinth.

Cycle of Bliss

Meditate Go outside! Show Love & Appreciation for Mother Earth Gratitude Journal Acknowledge the Miracle of Life Conscious Contact w God, Goddess, Higher Power, Spirit, Source 30 minutes Blissipline Meditation: 15 minutes: Silent Witness Prayer: 1 minute twice a day: Thank you, Help! Visualization: 5 minutes: Dream Big! Affirmation: 1 minute twice a day: I…

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