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I am a poet and an artist and I would love to help You connect with the artist and poet in you!

I am also a Sacred Feminine Coach and my mission is to help beautiful women live beautiful lives. (Healed women heal the world.)
My two coaching programs are

  • Inner Gŏd′ĭs Process 1 yr. program $1000.
  • Sacred Feminine Power: Abundance & Spirituality –  90 day program $2000.  Creation & Marketing of your business.

My upcoming book “Mariamne and Yeshua” will be released Fall 2014.

A recurring theme in my art is the Sacred Feminine, the Mother Goddess. This archetype has provided soul-affirming guidance, healing and love during my spiritual journey. I hope my art and poetry help you connect with the Divine Feminine within You.
Messenger of the Mother of the Universe and of Mother Earth…

Choose yourself and come join me on the path of magic and miracles!



My Gifts
“Your sensitivity, you make everyone feel heard… seen. You are inviting to others… high intuition… encouraging.” My big sister.
“Empathize with everyone, caring, smart,hilarious, research ability is amazing.” My baby sister.
“Your spiritual art.” My son.
“Wonderful passion to make the unattainable attainable.” My husband.
“Intense devotion and focus to a project, whether motherhood, painting, etc.” My spiritual teacher.



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Sacred Feminine Power: Abundance & Spirituality
Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine: A Love Story
Inner Goddess Process

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