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Mariamne & Yeshua, A Love Poem.

m&yAs his lips touched mine energy exploded in my veins were electrified.
His kisses danced all the way to the tips of my fingers from my toes.
Beauty like hers could only be painted into existence by the most High.
I do not want water erasing his scent from my body,
The fragrance seeping out of my vulva encases, every moment of orgasmic ecstasy tonight.
Beauty vibrates out of every pore of her body.
And it claims me her groom in the nights.
He shoots the universe inside of me, makes me feel eternal tonight.
My eyes look for her in every woman’s eyes, in every woman’s smile.
My lover exists only for me , I was born for him.
Nor sickness, nor death will tear us apart
Come Yeshua come in me.
My bride’s beauty blinds like the sun
Like the moon at night it is my guiding light.
Come into my garden, my love
Come and smell my fragrance that embottles our nights of love.
Like a bee to a flower, like a bird in its nest
You are the One the gods created for me
The one time stole from me.
I come willingly my beloved, I come back home.
My lover and I bonded together
For as long as eternity exists.
I breath you in
The musk between your thighs calls me
Screams my name.
I hear your voice in my sleep
My lover fills me inside, I tremble on the outside.
He kisses me deeply.
Her aroma engulfs me tonight.
We both travel on comets to the center of our beings.
Such passion creates fountains in our eyes
Down our cheeks
Hold me tight my lord if only until tonight
Let tonight never end,
Let morning never come
I surrender my soul to you…
Who I am
Can only love
Who you are
I am the rebel that cannot be silenced
You are the women that won’t be denied.
Together we’ve created a new dream
I am the son of Jehovah
You are the daughter of Isis
Together we climb towards Pistis Sophia…
Tell me you whom my soul loves where are you tonight.
I see the moon smiling does she know where you are hiding.
Is pain blinding me to your being.
I close my eyes
See visions of you.
I open my eyes
I am lost without you.
So many reasons to stay
So many fears to let go
He is the light in my shadow,
I am his shadow at sunrise
I was able to overcome fears
By the tenderness of his love.
He asks, “Why do you love me…”
“You are my life!”
Is all I can say
You stole my heart and made it yours
Before you everything was sadness and rain
Now here I am alive filled with miracles and no longer pain
Within, we learned what love was.
I love him even though I know
I am going to lose him
My face is all wet, the oceans have poured forth out of my eyes
The wind took our words and carried them far
I hear their echo at night
Echoes that scream of a passionate night
When he made love to me for the last time
No part of my body left unkissed
Anointing every cell with the milk inside of him
What how where will I exist when he is gone
For I am no longer me but Him.
He is my life and I have become his.
I dry your feet with my hair, you dry my tears with your love
I decide to live, you say you must die
We both live
I am afraid of what must be
You are determined there is no other way
I accept the way crying
You question your way smiling
We both live
I sin
You save,
I question
you answer
You depart a father
I remain a mother
We both live
I loved you
Even before I knew you
You loved me
Even before you saw me
We both loved
We both lived.
I look to find a way
To change destiny
Not have to die for the sins of men
I look to find a way to let him see
To let him live
To bear and see
The fruit of our love
We live in each other’s dreams
We live each other’s life
Her tears flowed
And filled the rivers
And oceans of earth
His blood spilled
Nourished the souls
Tormented on earth
Her love cursed her to a life of prostitution, secrecy and lies
His life cursed him to a life not lived, secrecy and lies
His, Hers was the pain
His, Hers were the words
His, Hers lived on earth.

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