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Proof That Your Mind Can Heal Anything!

The Theory of Awesomeness

The Theory of Awesomeness Infographic


Medicine Wheel Workshop

I’m so excited about my Medicine Wheel workshop this wknd! Grandfather Rick is an amazing teacher and I always experience great healing and expansion in his experiential workshops.

Saturday & Sunday February 22 and February 23

The Teachings of the Medicine Wheel with Grandfather Rick McBride $250 includes 42 page manual. Each day is 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Grandfather Rick

This is an intense two day, highly experiential workshop that teaches the principles and concepts of what
the ancient Native American Medicine Wheel is really about; a personal Life mirror and guide of exceptional accuracy. It includes a detailed 42 page manual and each participant works a Personal Healing Wheel in the class. Each point on the Wheel represents distinct qualities and spiritual characteristics. On those points, you’ll place medicine helpers that you’ve chosen, at times for no obvious reason; just seems like the right animal/tree/gemstone, but you will soon see that the Spirits are guiding you. When the energies of the medicine helpers combine with the aspects of the point on the Wheel where they’ve been placed, a story emerges that will guide you, revealing the acquired traits or core beliefs that have previously blocked you. These are personal Healing Wheels. You will also learn about personal Free Form Wheels. http://www.meetup.com/Native-American-Teachings/events/155143402/

* Change mental patterns and emotional core beliefs that bring about disease before it manifests. Create mental and emotional conditions most conducive to healing the body. Create robust physical and mental health through raised self awareness, esteem, confidence and motivation. Discover and recast unsupportive Life patterns, completely, finally, and independently.

* Maintain emotional balance regardless of what is happening. It is emotional energy and memory that drives behavior, not intellect. If you want a better, more productive life, regardless of what is going on around you, this is the place to start. Learn to work with yourself instead of against yourself.

* Learn your financial strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Issues of worthiness and self-esteem express themselves outwardly, most commonly in physical and emotional health, finances, and relationships. Your most important relationship is with yourself: Do you respond to Life, or react to it?

Do you meditate daily? Over 30 million people in America do.                                                                                                                                       And do you know what daily meditation can do to you?

It can…
— Boost intelligence and sharpen your focus
— Relieve stress and keep you calmer
— Increase your life span and enhance vitality
— Make you more compassionate and kinder
— Have you looking and feeling younger
— And much, much more.
As you can imagine, it affects every aspect of your life. From your career, your relationships and even your love life.
But do you know, meditation when combined with good old exercise can actually do more to spice up your life?
It puts you in a state of high energy and optimum productivity. And it reduces if not eliminate the chance of you getting sick.

It’s a free gift to you from a company called Mindvalley, which has designed the world’s first fitness AND meditation (yes, 2 in 1) 30 day total transformation program — [ Link no longer available.]


Gŏd′ĭs Sacred Feminine Power

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Quantum Jumping

This Thursday, you will discover an astonishing way to become ANYONE

and accomplish ANYTHING you want in life.

This Thursday, you will learn things about yourself and the universe that you never knew.
This Thursday could very well be the start of your new, abundant and enlightened life.
But only if you remember to join Burt Goldman for his Quantum Jumping Online Training
this Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time:

FYI here’s a summary of what Burt will cover in the 60-minute session:

  • How Quantum Jumping really works – an explanation of how it’s really possible to ‘jump’ into alternate universes with the sheer power of your mind.
  • A Korean mystic, an out-of-body experience and an astonishing premonition? the bizarre tale behind Burt’s first Quantum Jumping experience.
  • Is it possible to almost instantly download new skills into your mind, just like in the Matrix movie? How Burt went from clueless shutterbug to skilled photographer in just one day.
  • The little-known technique that helped an ordinary woman discover an extraordinary business idea, and how you too can use it to significantly boost your wealth and career.
  • “What if I had taken that job offer?” How to use Quantum Jumping to discover the hidden outcomes behind every choice you didn’t make, and learn the true consequences of your actions.
  • Advanced Quantum Jumping inner-circle secrets – revealed to the public for the first time, the information Burt shared with a small private group at his Quantum Jumping workshop last year.



Creative Visualization

Over the past few days, 36,000 people joined Lisa Nichols in the special Creative Visualization online class. It was genuinely transformative – ”The Secret’ star Lisa Nichols was on fire… she guided everyone in a life-changing live Creative Visualization session.

It was the largest online Creative Visualization session of all time,
with literally thousands of people shifting their perception of what
they could manifest in their lives…and the reviews on Facebook have been stellar.

I’d like to give you your best opportunity to join them and make
2014 the most abundant, incredible and fulfilling year of your life.

That’s why from now until Friday midnight PST, you can get your
copy of the *brand new Mindvalley Course* The Power of Creative Visualization
with Lisa Nichols with an unprecedented 45% OFF.

>>>And you can get it exclusively on our website with this link

I promise you, Creative Visualization will change your life

in ways you cannot even imagine now…

And Lisa is a genius who takes it to a whole other realm.

This skill is powerful…

You will become someone who is capable of experiencing
your heart’s desire in virtually every area of life — family,
spiritual, wealth, health, career, every area that is important.

It doesn’t matter if you want to drive a newer car, take a 5-star family
vacation, lose a few excess pounds or find a way to get a payrise –
or even if you want to transform your life…

Creative Visualization is the key.

And this is the #1 Creative Visualization program on the planet right now.

PS – remember, this new product offering is available only until Friday 11:59pm PST.

Listen to what people are saying…
”I just experienced a phenomenal 90 minute online session tonight with Lisa Nichols on Creative Visualization. She’s a best selling author, world-class speaker and personal growth superstar. Loved it!!!!”
— JoAnn Epps

”This was one of the best online sessions I have ever, EVER, listened to, you, Lisa, have such an incredible voice and charisma I could feel as if you were speaking to me personally? THANK YOU so much for this!”
— Jeanine Denners

”Wow! I have never had such an experience listening to a Creative Visualization. I actually cried (I was NOT expecting that!) And now 20 minutes later I am still shaking from excitement and intense energy movement”
— Louann Tung

Love Meditation

There are 5 things I do everyday as part of my spiritual practice. Meditation. Prayer. Gratitude. Visualizations. Affirmations. Today I will share with you a process that I call the Love Meditation.

I take three deep breaths and then I place my awareness above my head. I see, sense or feel the Light. I see this Light cascading on me like a waterfall, a downpour of love baptizing me with the love of my Creator (Source Energy, Goddess, God, Spirit, Higher Power). This beautiful Light starts coming into my head through my crown chakra whispering, It is safe to know the truth, to remember. Then the beautiful Light continues flowing to my third eye chakra whispering, It is safe to see the truth, it is safe to hear the truth.

The light keeps flowing down into my throat chakra encouraging me to speak my truth, It is safe to communicate my knowledge and wisdom. This light continues to my heart chakra and let’s me know it is safe to love. It reminds me that I am love, Aham Prema.

The Light continues traveling through to my solar plexus reminding me of my Power. It is safe for me to be powerful. The light continues through my sacral chakra to my womb caressing the baby inside of me. It is safe to give birth to my dreams. The Light continues to flow down to my root chakra and once again reminds me that my birth was a miracle. I am eternally loved by this Light that created the whole Universe.

Then this Light keeps flowing, rushing to the center of the earth, there they make love giving birth to Me. Mother Earth sends this energy of Love up my legs to my heart and I am once again connected to Love from above and from below. Now from my heart I extend this Love out 360 degrees around my body, blessing it with Light and Love… I keep extending this Love past the room that I’m in, blessing it with Light and Love… extending still past the city that I’m in, blessing it with Light and Love… past the state that I’m in, blessing it with Light and Love… past the country that I’m in, blessing it with Light and Love… past Mother Earth, blessing all with my Light and Love…

If you want you can keep going… into Infinity…

Sacred Feminine Power Playshop: Eat, Play, Love


Sacred Feminine Power Playshop; Eat, Play, Love
Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe

Unlimited Abundance : $1 Trial

A few days ago, energetic life coach Christie Marie Sheldon
ran a short survey with the attendees of the webinar she
hosted last week.
And the results were pretty eye-opening.
Over 87% of people confirmed that they were BELOW their
abundance benchmark.
And what were the major Abundance Blocks that could be
causing this huge deficit in people’s lives?
Well according to the survey, the 3 most major blocks were
money, fear, and the lack of belief.
If you feel you’re resonating with what you’ve read so far, then
this is definitely for you…

You read that correctly. Just one dollar.

You see, we understand the fear of not getting your money’s
worth after investing your hard-earned money in something.
It’s a horrible feeling.
That’s why I’m giving you this golden opportunity to experience
EVERYTHING the program has to offer for 10 days. That way
you can know, without a shred of doubt, whether the program
is for you or not.
If you change your mind within the 10 days, just let Christie
know and you won’t be billed a cent. You’ll even get your one
dollar back!
So there’s really no reason to hesitate. We’re taking all that risk
for you so don’t miss out on a great chance to take your
abundance to the next level.


I wonder what is she thinking… I wonder if it’s all a dream… I wonder if we are dreaming when we are awake… I wonder if we enter other dimensions when we are sleeping…???


I Love the Jewelry Created From my Artwork!

I love how my sacred geometry mandalas and angel frequency paintings look as jewelry. Beautiful rings, necklaces and bracelets. Wow! Check them out and let me know what you think!

Click here to see all the beautiful jewelry!

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Buy t-shirts, mugs & gifts from my shop.


Yekra Player

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.


“A celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment, discuss solutions to the multiple crisis’ we are faced with. Femme focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.”

FEMME Watch Now!


“A celebration of women around the world actively transforming and healing our global society. Sharon Stone and leading experts in religion, science, history, politics and entertainment, discuss solutions to the multiple crisis’ we are faced with. Femme focuses on utilizing a feminine approach with nurturing energy to inspire a new hope for the future.”

Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.



The Love Religion

The Love Religion

The inner space inside
that we call the heart
has become many different
living scenes and stories.

A pasture for sleek gazelles,
a monastery for Christian monks,
a temple with Shiva dancing,
a kaaba for pilgrimage.
The tablets of Moses are there,
the Qur’an, the Vedas,
the sutras, and the gospels.

Love is the religion in me.
Whichever way love’s camel goes,
that way becomes my faith,
the source of beauty, and a light
of sacredness over everything.

Ibn Arabi
Sufi philosopher (1165 –1240)




Poetry/ Paintings Card Deck



Poetry & Paintings Card Deck


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