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Sisters of the Dream Time!

Me and My Shadow!

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As we move into Mercury Retrograde (June 7 – July 1) – a time for reflection and contemplating those aspcts of our lives which often hide in shadows – the sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yavonne and Yohanny (with call in guests) take on the topic of their “shadow selves”. Often “lightworkers” avoid, minimize, deny or repress their shadow side, those aspects of our beings which are darker, or of lower vibration. Sometimes our shadow side looks like jealousy, possessiveness, anger, judgement, manipulation, competition, or self destructive behavior. Many think they must “purge” these aspects of themselves to become more enlightened. But how can our “light’ shine without shadow? Is this simply the perfection of our design that we embody both light and dark aspects? That we have been created with perfect contrasting elements? The sisters have a candid conversation about their process of acceptance to gratitude for their shadow side.

What’s Fun Got to Do With It?

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Yohanny goes on a 21 Day Fun Quest and the other sisters ponder the importance of fun for those who desire to expand their consciousness, raise their vibration, or generally live a more spiritual life. Why do we think living more spiritual lives means that our lives must resemble those of monks? How important is laughter? Love making? Music? Dance? The sisters have a candid and fun conversation about the role of fun!

Running Interference! Hut 1! Hut 2! Hut 3!

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The Dreamtime Sisters discuss how they navigate “interference energies”. Often, when people gather to do powerful spiritual work, they can experience Unexpected challenges or events which pull their focus and energy elsewhere, “drama”, attacks on their character, even disruption in close or intimate relationships. This is often referred to as “interference energy”. How do you recognize it? How do you maintain focus? How do you neutralize the interference? Find out how the “Sisters” have been navigating their own in this show.

By The Light of The Scorpio Moon

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The girls (Patti, Yohanny, Anoki, Yavonne, Felicia, Angela and Bridget) discuss what has “come to light” on a personal, social and geo-political level under the influence of the Scorpio full moon!

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