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Sisters of the Dream Time!

Can We Take The Heat For Walking Our Talk?

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Patti’s air conditioner breaks down days after summer begins and it inspires the question: Can we take the heat for the reality we are creating? For walking our talk? For stepping away from the ‘matrix’ and creating our own path? For looking odd or crazy to others? For making decisions based on intuition and heart which appear to bear no logic? For living an authentic life which may make no sense to the people closest to us? There are countless stories about those who ‘braved the fire’ and were purified and strengthened by it in the end. There are those who “walk on coals” to demonstrate the power of their beliefs and manifestations. As we move to the end of Mercury Retrograde, the Sisters take a look at the hot stones we have walked upon in the last month, put our feet in some cool water and ponder how well we are navigating. So, pour yourself a glass of lemonade or iced tea and join the conversation.

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The sisters (Patti, Yavonne, Yohanny and Anoki) discuss their recent experiences with time. Is it “speeding up?” “Slowing Down”? Wobbling? Is time just a construct of the systems we live in? Does time as we know it exist in other parts of our universe? What is time, really? Has our understanding of time – our calendars and clocks and schedules – become a hindrance to our consciousness expansion? Is it possible that humanity must evolve beyond our current understanding of time in order to evolve at all?

Letting The Magic Flow!

Online Spirituality Radio at Blog Talk Radio with Sisters of the Dream Time on BlogTalkRadio

The Dreamtime Sisters have all had a magical week, though the magic has flowed and looked differently for everyone. Yohanny has had some interesting “visitors”, visions and messages. Yavonne has had a week of magical synchronicities and Patti experiences an almost continuous flow of magical moments. And if Anoki gets back from her magical mystery tour in time, she’ll tell us all about it. Feeling the magic in your life? How do we cultivate and allow magic? What exactly is it, anyway? The sisters have a great time sharing their magical experiences and what they have learned from them.

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