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What’s Behind Our Resistance to Lead.

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The New Earth and Golden Age needs new leaders. Many women are feeling the call or tug to step into new roles in our communities. The Sisters, Patti, Anoki, Yohanny, Yavonne, Robin and our newest Sister, Taylor, discuss the recent changes and shifts in their lives and how it all seems to be pointing to our “stepping out” or perhaps “stepping in” to lead in whatever ways we can. With full awareness that “leadership” in this new paradigm will not come from politicians, higher ups and muckity mucks, but from the grassroots, the choice to lead becomes a choice every single human can make. What does it mean to be a leader in our changing world and paradigm? Why do we hesitate when we know so much is at stake? What is at the root of our resistance? The Sisters dig deep for their own answers.

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