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Sisters of the Dream Time!

Finding Center in the Whirlwinds of Change!

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Hosts Patti Lucia, Yohanny Garcia, Felicia Rose, Angela Ahmadi, Anoki Simpson, Yavonne T. and Bridget Van Otteran talk about navigating the whirlwinds and tornadoes of change in April (with the Grand Cross, Lunar Eclipse and solar eclipse energies swirling!), listening to spirit and reading signs, synchronicities and coincidences along the way.

Patti Lucia is the owner and cook at Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe. motherearthsanctuarycafe.com

Felicia Rose is a musician and mystic. Feliciarose.com

Angela Ahmadi is a massage therapist and healer. ahmadiholisics.com

Yavonne T is a holistic practitioner, gardener and herbalist. yavonne@thegoodworm.com

Anoki Simpson is a shamanic practitioner. http://iwasneverfoundagain@gmail.com

Yohanny Garcia is an artist, poet and teacher. http://www.yohanny.com/

Bridget Van Otteran is an Indigo and plays in a band. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Water-Colors/243358935823869

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